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travel // weekend getaway.

A couple of weekends ago, my roommate and I both decided to take a plans-free Sunday as an opportunity to get out of the city. So we took a little day trip up to the Massachusetts/Vermont border for the Fresh Grass festival at MASS MoCA. It was a long drive both ways, but since my sister was lucky (and ridiculously intelligent) enough to go to Williams for her undergrad years, I’ve done that road trip many times before–and it’s a beautiful one. We were a few weeks too early to really experience the Berkshires at their autumn best, but the scenery was still gorgeous.

I’m not super familiar with bluegrass music, but it was still an awesome time, and MASS MoCA is seriously the coolest space ever. It was also freezing–we should have remembered that fall reaches New England much more quickly than the city, and doubly so in the mountains! I managed to snag the last cup of vegan quinoa chili from one of the food vendors, and basically inhaled it to stay warm.

Again, it was a quick trip–we were only at the venue for a few hours–but we arrived back in Brooklyn that night with our lungs full of fresh mountain air and our wanderlust quelled for the time being. I’m admittedly already antsy to travel again–it probably doesn’t help that I didn’t stay in one place last spring for longer than five days at a time. I will be going to Florida in a few weeks for a family wedding, but other than that, I’m staying put for awhile. Although, there have been whispers around our place of going apple picking…

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