(i’m still here!)

 am painfully aware of the fact that my mantra lately for this space is something along the lines of “life is busy, but I have lots of stuff in the works!” Lately, this is more true than ever, as annoying as it is. I would love to be updating the site like I used to, and I really do have things in the pipeline (aka my drafts folder) but in the interest of actually graduating next month and working my little behind off for my amazing job, I’ve had to prioritize, and unfortunately, my blog has been a casualty. BUT, though it’s currently chilling on the back burner, please know that it is still stewing (couldn’t resist the crappy metaphor; apologies). And once some other loose ends are tied up elsewhere in my life I do have some exciting plans for it, so stay tuned. (And I hope I haven’t lost too many people along the way.)

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