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what to wear // the office

While I work in an office that certainly isn’t strict on corporate dress code, the bohemian, shabby-chic style I tend towards isn’t exactly always appropriate. I’ve been trying to get out of a style rut lately, and have found myself leaning towards outfits that still speak to my comfy aesthetic but have a more polished element. It’s kind of a running joke: If there’s an oversized sweater up for grabs, you better believe I’ll take it. On a Sunday, the outfit is completed with leggings (old habits die hard). But during the work week, it’s my goal to balance the chunky comfort with sleekness, exemplified by the Reed Krakoff outfit above. I recently unearthed a leather mini that I had forgotten about, but I’d really love to add a pencil skirt to my arsenal. And I love the blue/brown combo here–it’s a bit unexpected but somehow completely works. That skirt would go with anything, really: a white fisherman sweater; even a t-shirt. 

Reed Krakoff silk cashmere sweater and lightweight Nappa pencil skirt; available at Pictures courtesy of The Line.

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shop // freedom of animals.

I recently got to profile a brand that’s so awesome that I can’t keep it from you guys. 
In spite of my diet and transition to a natural beauty regime, my clothing is kind of the last piece of my vegan puzzle. It’s no secret that I’m a fashion diehard (hence the career path), and, regardless of better judgment, I love my leather. I’ve been taking certain steps, like trying to only buy leather if it’s vintage (which is actually a really great eco-friendly practice for anyone–and for fur, too). I can’t help but feel slightly hypocritical, however, when I wear it.
The issue is, I think that the sustainable, cruelty-free movement in fashion has yet to have its “big moment.” There are amazing, talented designers who are doing amazing things to usher it in to public attention (ahem, Stella McCartney), but it’s not as mainstream as it needs to be yet. It’s almost there. And luckily, a crop of brands has been popping up to prove that there is no reason style should be sacrificed for being cruelty-free or sustainable. It’s so refreshing, because I think you’d agree that there really isn’t a shortage of crappy faux leather out there.
Enter Freedom of Animals, whose luxury handbags and accessories (which could easily pass for Céline) are not only high quality faux-leather, but are made of recycled materials, are made on recycled equipment, and have a carbon footprint of virtually zero. You need to check this out, pronto. I’m obsessed. 
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{Photo courtesy of Freedom of Animals}

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