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NYC Eats: Angelica Kitchen

It’s official; after this post I will be compiling a NYC Eats Bucket List to get my mind straight. There are just so many places I’m dying to try. Again, the more suggestions, the better, so fire away.

This next place came highly recommended by, oh, I don’t know… EVERYONE.

Angelica Kitchen is located in my favorite neighborhood, the East Village. Trust me, it’s vegan heaven over here. Plus it’s just a great vibe over there… a couple blocks from where I am now, but I’m apartment shopping (!) :)

Anywho, Angelica tops many a veggie restaurant list, so it was on my short list to try. My mom was in a couple weekends ago for the day so we grabbed lunch there.

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jFirst off, the vibe here is GREAT, though a different kind of great than Curly’s. It’s cozy -chic. Upscale, but relaxed. It was nice and quiet when we were there, though it was definitely full of people! And it draws a really cool veggie crowd- it really is a hot spot in the city.

I ordered a great Combo Bowl that I customized to be macro: beans, sea vegetables, steamed vegetables, and simple salad. A side of carrot ginger dressing. And grain coffee with rice milk on the side :)

Yummm. Filling and tasty. I will most definitely be returning.

Sadly, my Mom wasn’t of the same opinion… it’s not really omni-friendly.  But I’ll be happy to return on my own!


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