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I’m still on board with the whole no-shampoo thing, but it’s not without its caveats, as mentioned before. This face wash, however, has been completely no-fail–yet another testament to the power of that 99 cent miracle worker we call baking soda

I’m lucky to have skin that generally behaves where breakouts are concerned. However, it’s also the infuriating kind, that, when it does act up, is impossible to pinpoint. It’s extremely sensitive and prone to dryness, so it’s necessary to avoid harsh products, but certain areas (namely my T-zone) can get a little oily, and the wrong balance of treatments tends to result in flakiness. So my goal is to use gentle ingredients, but to also be able to exfoliate and lift dirt and oil.

I mixed together this little combo, and will not be going back. It’s so easy, and a short ingredient list is always a good thing.


- Baking soda

- Clay powder (Find it at a health or natural food store, or, like me, on iHerb)

- Essential oils of choice (I use a drop or two of tea tree and a few drops of jasmine)

- Water

To make: Combine equal parts baking soda and clay powder. Add the essential oils, and then add just enough water to form a paste (an eyedropper is a really good tool for this!). Voila–you have your face wash.


Next up on the natural beauty calendar: tea tree oil (aka the ultimate skin remedy).



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2 Responses to natural beauty // diy face wash

  1. This seems like a good scrub-type wash.
    I’ve been using the oil cleaning method, with much success! (Works better than you’d think, it doesn’t leave my face oily!)

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