mantra of the week.

- Thich Thien-An A beautiful Buddhist quote by Thich Thien-An to unofficially kick off the new season. We often look to meditation as a way to calm and quiet the mind, but I often love to let my thoughts run wild and find inspiration through my imagination as well.

On the agenda for this week:

  • Classes start tomorrow. Not super pumped about starting school again right after I just finished, but the courses I chose seem pretty interesting. I’m particularly excited about the alternative medicine class I’m taking. It has absolutely nothing to do with my major but is definitely fulfilling some personal interest.
  • It’s moving week! I haven’t finished unpacking from Paris yet (oops) but that will be accomplished today. Tomorrow I get my keys, and Saturday, it’s Billyburg, baby.

My Memorial Day weekend was pretty uneventful and low key. My sister was home for the weekend, so it was lovely to see her, and I was happy to spend some time with my hometown friends, especially because this weekend happened to be basically the only two days that we’re all here before going our separate ways. My dear Chelsey is off to Utah to work for the summer, and Liz is thankfully already in the city… so excited to be spending lots of time with her over the next few months!

Have an awesome week, y’all.


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