Grilled Cherries and Vanilla Bean Walnut Cream

Hey y’all!

I am SO excited to now be a contributor to One Green Planet! If you haven’t visited the site before, it’s a MUST- it’s an amazing resource for anyone remotely interested in green living, veganism (or vegetarianism), sustainability, and the environment, and then some (and all of the above!).

Of course I’ll still be posting regularly here, but I’ll also be contributing some articles for One Green Planet about everything from recipes to lifestyle. I’ll keep you posted, and again, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the site for the amazing content from the awesome folks behind it, as well as other wonderful contributing bloggers!

Yesterday my inaugural post for OGP (a recipe, naturally) went live…

Grilled Cherries and Vanilla Bean Walnut Cream!

It’s so summery, so simple, and SO GOOD. Check it out, because I promise you will not be disappointed.

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