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I don’t really have a pretty picture to go along with this, but I spotted this quote and was inspired:

- Emily Dickinson

Short and sweet, but so relevant, especially this time of year. I mentioned it briefly in my December goals, but it can be so difficult to live in the moment this time of year for many reasons. After all, the holiday season is often built on happy memories, and I have always found it difficult to let those be and just enjoy the present for what it is, rather than recreate what I have built up in my mind as “perfect” past Christmases. Every year will be different, but in the best way possible. Even if I want my future to contain great memories of the “now,” that will never be accomplished if I’m focusing so much on trying to make it that way. The best memories are always those that are created without intention, and can never truly be recreated.

Up for this week:

- more holiday recipes!!!

- homemade gift ideas

- gingerbread house making (get excited)

It’s been a while since I posted a HippieCakes recipe, and I kinda want to make a holiday themed one. I’m between chocolate peppermint, peppermint mocha, gingerbread, and cinnamon spice. Thoughts? Pick the one you’d like to see most!

Also, some interesting articles to take a look at (I’m going to make this a weekly tradition starting now)

-  “Finding Inner Focus” from… How do you find inner peace when life is hectic?

For me, using imagery and picturing myself in a soothing place while I’m meditating usually does the trick. When I’m not meditating, there’s nothing more therapeutic to me than a hot shower!

- “Beyond the Food Pyramid” from Women’s Health…What do you think of the latest version of the Food Pyramid?

I definitely see it as an improvement from past pyramids, but there are still some major issues. This article makes some very good points about the major loopholes in its structure, like the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats and proteins. And don’t get me started on how pizza is considered a vegetable.

- “Six Healthy Ways to Detox” from Self… Would you ever consider detoxing if you learned it could be done in a healthy way?

I love this slideshow because it proves that “detoxing” does not hold the same definition as “starvation”. There are so many ways to cleanse your system while still getting your proper amount of calories and nutrients! I will be delving into this here post holidays for sure.

Have an amazing Monday!

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