Weekend Do: Indulge (Funfetti Cake Batter Fudge)

Oh yeah. I went there.

I have to admit that while I am totally anti-pre-made mixes when it comes to baking and cooking, I have a weakness for funfetti cake mix and vanilla canned frosting. I mean, come on. Fake? Absolutely. Delicious? No doubt about it.

I always always ALWAYS am looking for ways to replicate the flavoring using natural ingredients. Maybe the fact that I’ve struggled with this for weeks (months? years?) speaks to how artificial the ingredients in those things are. After scouring the internet for cake batter flavored baked goods, I was annoyed that everything I looked at called for a box mix. So I was determined to make cake batter fudge, even if it meant testing and modifying it myself (I know, life is sooo hard). Luckily, the result is UNBELIEVABLE. And, would you believe it, so incredibly simple! It actually tastes like cake batter from the box. And it looks adorable! WIN.

[EDITED: Some of you were having issues in regards to the fudge setting, so I think I finally worked out the kinks! The new proportions will make more fudge, and I have adjusted the recipe accordingly. Happy baking!)

Funfetti Cake Batter Fudge

1 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk

3.5 cups white chocolate chips

3 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp Almond Extract

Rainbow Sprinkles

Pour milk and white chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 2-3 minutes, or until white chocolate is almost completely melted. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Stir until completely blended, melted, and smooth.

Immediately add vanilla and almond and combine thoroughly. Add a handful or so of rainbow sprinkles and fold in quickly, because they will melt (and if they are stirred for too long they’ll turn the fudge an ugly muddy color).

Transfer to an aluminum-foil lined 8×8 inch baking pan for very thick fudge, or a 11X7 pan (recommended). Let set at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Once set,  cut into cubes (and peel off the foil!). Store leftovers in an airtight container in a cool place.


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  1. OH. MY. GOSH. This is absolute genius! Thank you for creating this incredible recipe. I couldn’t agree more about funfetti. I watched a wedding show where they decided to have funfetti as their wedding cake and even though everyone else criticized them I thought the idea was perfection. And I’ve never tried making fudge so this will be fun!

  2. Kat

    You might be my long lost sister… I refuse to use anything from a box, and I share your frustration with recipes that include boxed mixes! Thanks so much for this recipe, sprinkles make everything better :)

  3. Im obsessed with funfetti cake! I recently tried to make fudge and it didnt set. I was all about to give up on fudge till I saw this! Beautiful job!

  4. Im on the anti box mix bandwagon too. Loving the funfetti fudge!!!!!

  5. Looks delicious! I think this would be awesome at Christmas with green and red sprinkles, very festive!

  6. Looks and sounds yummy! I can’t wait to try it!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  7. Oh my gosh! I have to do this. I love Funfetti cake. This sounds delicious!

  8. Those look soo yummy!!! And I love how you like making your recipes healthier then the processed crap!!! I am new to wordpress and subscibing to your blog now! :) I will be making this recipe soon.. I will have to give you my recipe for home strawberry bread!! :)

  9. Thank you!! Most exciting. And, in time for Thanksgiving! My family will love this!!

  10. EVERYTHING is better with sprinkles, right?


    It’s my son’s 12th b-day this weekend…thank you for the inspiration!

  11. That looks delicious, and so cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. Oh. My. Gosh. These look good!!

  13. OHMYGOODNESS. I may have to attempt fudge making again (first time swapped condensed milk for evaporated… don’t ask. and it was traumatizing).

  14. Oh my gosh. Funfetti Fudge??? Yes, please.

  15. yum! Im salivating at the thought of making them! I’m excited! Thank you!

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  17. They look amazing! My daughter loves funfetti cake mix, her birthday is coming up I am going to make your yummy fudge for dessert. So fun!

  18. this is a brilliant idea; i will have to try those!

  19. Those little dots are so cute. Looks smooth and crunchy at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing. Connie

  20. oh wow, now i am so hungry! Sprinkles!! so awesome!

  21. Oh Man! You are so tempting me!

  22. I don’t mind box mixes – I know, blasphemy. But I’d rather have homemade any day. Thanks for this incredible recipe!

  23. Wow that sounds delicious! I think I have to try this on an upcoming weekend. :-)

  24. I love fudge, but have never tried to make any. I think that will have to end now! Got to try this out! :D

  25. I have been DYING to get my hands on some Biscoff Spread! I haven’t tried it yet!

    • They have Biscoff at Walmart now! But the best thing to try is if you live near a Trader Joe’s (or if you have a friend who can ship you something from a Trader Joe’s near them) is Cookie Butter!! AHHH!!! SO GOOD!

  26. I hate box mixes, too. But I can’t resist buying funfetti (especially when it’s on sale for $1). Thank you so much for this recipe! Hunny will LOVE it!

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  28. This looks amazing and am sure it will be a sensation when I make it later. Any food with coloured sprinkles in, on or around instantly makes people happier. :) I have added a link to this from a recent post of mine on this subject. http://wp.me/p1iFet-aK

  29. Yeah, that looks REALLY good,
    send me some, lol

  30. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece, and perfect timing, as well. My oldest is home from college; making this will be fun to do together, and I know that she will love to take some tasty treats back to her friends.

    Love your site!!!!! I look forward to finding more yummy recipes from you.

  31. Your photos make this look scrumptious. YUM!

  32. Thanks for sharing! My cousin is pregnant and loves Funfetti cake (so much she wanted to use it as her wedding cake!). I think I have just found her new craving. :)

  33. I loooooooove funfetti. There is just something about the “fake” flavors that you have to love… so this recipe looks amazing! Will love trying this out!

  34. I can’t wait to try this! I love funfetti cake and want to try making more fudge and candy type things. This looks easy, inexpensive, and so darn cute so it’s a must try on my long, growing list.

  35. yum that looks delicious! absolutely everything tastes better when sprinkles are involved. EVERYTHING! i love the change-up of your header, by the way.


  36. I’m sorry, but what is this? -I’m from Denmark and wondering :)

  37. Our little girls will love making this! Thanks for the post : )

  38. Looks great!!! I don’t know about all of the sprinkles though… The round crunchy ones might be too much for my teeth. If I made this I would probably use a more softer sprinkle:)

    • Em

      I made this yesterday with the round sprinkles on top, and I was worried about them being too hard on the teeth as well, but they’re actually not. I think sitting on the fudge in the fridge for a couple of hours softens them a bit, so you get a little crunch but it’s not hard at all.

  39. This is my favorite. Cake batter??? Oh, you made my day! Thank you for sharing this and I will definitely link back to you *when* I make this myself and share it on my blog!

    I hope you are having a good day!

  40. Looks so good! I love funfetti. Great job.

  41. funfettie cake is amazing and I cant wait to try this! Thank you so much for this post. You have just made my weekend.

  42. These look really yummy! I want to try making them. I’m a huge fan of cake batter. Mmmm.

  43. This looks ridiculously good! I can’t wait to try it!!!

  44. You are the DEVIL! Thanks! :-)

  45. My daughter would LOVE this! Come to think of it, I may make it as holiday gifts for my colleagues. It looks so colorful and delicious.

  46. It looks amazing, sadly getting the ingredients here in Korea maybe difficult but I will try. Thank you for the recipe :) .

  47. I’ve never tried or heard it before (we don’t have this in Italy) but it looks so yummy and funny… it looks like a party in a dessert!!! :D

  48. Oh, this is awesome! I, too, have a weakness for funfetti! I am making this as soon as I can!!

  49. Wonderful! DIY yourself is the way to go and, if my mother in law has taught me anything, it is that anything made with soul is always going to taste best. “Hippineness” is in your name….you don’t happen to be a vegetarian as well do you!?!?

  50. Rachel

    holy yummmm!

  51. This looks fantastic and totally yummy! This could replace a birthday cake ANNNY day ;)

  52. Ohhhh Sprinkles! I can’t control my eating habits when I see those colorful ants. I want to try those fudges. Are they for sale? hehe How much would you charge with shipping to USA?

  53. Bless your heart. You made my weekend! =)

  54. Heck yes to funfetti! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  55. This looks absolutely divine. I’m dying to try it!

  56. Never heard of funfetti before but this sounds great. Being a microwave recipe the kids will be able to have a go on their own. I have an egg allergy kid too, so finding cooking that involves him being able to lick the bowl makes a happy day! Thanks!!

  57. omg… i cant deny that this food looks delicious. ill forget about my diet then! c”,)


  58. Lovely!!!!! I love anything to do with funfetti and this looks so easy to make!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  59. Lovely!!!! I LOVE anything to do with funfetti and this looks so easy to make thanks to your photos and instructions!!! So kind of you to share!!!

  60. looks delicious!!! love it

  61. That looks seriously scrummy.

  62. Amazing :) And I love that you’ve made the flavour of something that is boxed! I just wrote a post about baking vs. packaging as I always worry about how ‘authentic’ something is if it is boxed. Also, it’s great that its homemade as it means you know exactly what is in it! Thank you :)

    Rubelle’s Moon

  63. Love this – will try it for my kids at the daycare…imagine it with Halloween sprinkles!
    this and other adventures in child-rearing and life in general at Sassytalk.wordpress.com

  64. what happened to healthy eating? ;-)

  65. Funfetti cake is my favorite, this sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try.

  66. It looks so delicous!
    I will make it as soon as possible

  67. You had me at the mixture in the bowl ! Nomnomnom! Need to try this out soon!

  68. Looks so yummy! I am going on training for work this week and may HAVE to bring this

  69. Haven’t even tasted it, and I have already fallen into a sweet, sweet, sugar coma. Pure bliss. Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  70. looks completely delicious!!! :-D

  71. =D That’s a great idea! Do you think it would work as good with milk chocolate?

  72. Makes me drool just by looking at it.

  73. Your blog is my new favorite thing! Kindred spirits for sure.

  74. The Mommy Lane

    This looks absolutely amazing! How many does this make? Maybe a dozen? My daughter wants me to bake something for school this week. I was going to do some cupcakes, but I may try this instead!!

  75. Question: What if you don’t like white chocolate? Is there a dark chocolate or milk chocolate option?

  76. I love funfetti cake and I am definatly going to try this recipe. When I make my cakes I usualy put some cream cheese icing on it, so I might see if there is a way to incorporate that into this fudge. Thanks for posting this, can’t wait to try it.

  77. The pretty sprinkles attracted me immediately! This looks delish!! Will be following your colorful, mouthwatering blog!!!! :)

  78. I do not like fudge, but I love white chocolate and when I saw this I had to make it. It is so so so delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe and the delight!

  79. This looks great and it’s so easy! Thanks for sharing! I will be trying this recipe with the kids! They LOVE sprinkles!

  80. Oh my goodness … I am in love. I love rainbows. I love sprinkles. I love cake batter. I love fudge. Merge that all together and what do you have? Someone who starts drooling over the outcome. Looks heavenly!

  81. My daughter has turned us onto the boxed version of funfetti cookies. They are so great (she always makes them, we never do). I would love a non-boxed cookie version too, but my husband is drooling over the pictures, so fudge is in the near future. Great post, thanks and congrats on FP! AmberLena

  82. This is adorable, fun, and absolutely on my list of things to do. I am going to bookmark this right now. It seems I am not alone in this opinion either.

  83. I’m a guy and I’m usually the primary cook in the family. Funny eh? :-P

    However this looks delicious…I’m gonna leave a tip for your readers for if they don’t have condensed milk and/or don’t have 3 bucks to spend on a can of it:

    1) Pour 1/2 cup of boiling water into a blender.
    2) Add 1 cup of nonfat dry milk.
    3) Add 2/3 cup sugar.
    4) Add 3 tablespoons of melted butter.
    5) Add a few drops of vanilla.
    6) Cover and blend on high speed for 30 seconds or until smooth.
    7) Remove from the blender.

    Use in a recipe immediately or store in a covered container in the refrigerator. Makes the equivalent of a 14-ounce can of fat free condensed milk.

    Again this recipe looks like pure genius…..funfetti is one of my favorites too! Such genius! Marry me? :-P ….j/k

  84. Wow, love it and did you take those photos yourself? They look amazing!!!! Sprinkles are awesome :)

  85. This is amazing! I can’t say I have a great hand at baking, but I’d be a fool for not giving this a try! Absolute genius!

  86. Some things just have to be done. Food snobs should be ignored. Treats like these should be shared! :) Thanks for sharing!

  87. Wow! Amazing win! Looks apsolutely divine. I’d love to try this but I’m vegan and I’m not sure it’d work so well with soya milk etc. Beautiful photos and lucky you! xxx

    • http://www.veganwolf.com/recipes/basics/swcondmilk.htm – that’s a recipe for vegan sweetened condensed milk….can try substituting splenda although it probably won’t melt like you have to do in this recipe…can also try substituting soy milk powder for the non-fat dry milk in the recipes I posted where all you have to do is mix it all up in a blender….and in those ones you could probably sub splenda for the sugar if you wanted too although I believe there’s some debate about whether or not splenda is a vegan product

  88. GREAT. Now I’m going to have to make these! Just when my thighs thought they were going to get a break! :)

  89. Yess! This looks absolutley amazing!!! I can’t wait to makee it!!!!!!!!

  90. Oh em gee that is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. I’ve got such a sweet tooth too! Fudge trumps toffee any day. Lovely post, super-duper colourful.

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  92. A post I’ve always wanted! I agree with you in your anti cake box views but I do have a horrible sweet spot for anything funfetti…you need to make funfetti cake balls with vanilla candy coating…to die for but horrible all the same. Great post!

  93. another tip for diabetics….you can make sugar-free fat-free sweetened condensed milk:

    1/2 cup cold water
    1 1/3 cups powdered milk
    3/4 cup Splenda granular
    1 teaspoon vanilla

    mix in blender…yields 1 1/3 cups

    and they’ve started making sugar-free baking chips too….my mom found sugar free baking chip in regular chocolate for the choc. shoo-fly pie we’re doing for our Oktoberfest meal today….I don’t know if they have sugar-free baking chips in white chocolate yet though

  94. Ooh. Cake Batter Fudge must be divine. I always try to make my kids pick cake batter ice cream when it’s their turn to choose a flavor. :-) Why am I ashamed to admit I like cake batter flavored stuff? LOL

  95. oh my god. I’m going to make this right now.

  96. AMAZING!! I love this! It looks so pretty! I haven’t made sweets very often before but I may have to give this a try. It would look fantastic in cellophane bags all tied up with ribbon for Christmas presents! Thanks for sharing :)

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  98. omg this looks like heaven @___@
    Another recipe to add to my ever growing list of stuff to do :(

  99. My roommate and I are making these in celebration of finished homework! Thanks for the great idea!

  100. Gretchen

    OK, I just made this for a little girls birthday gift and mine are so thin! How did you get yours into such pretty blocks? I used the 8×8 pan and the same ingredients but yours are so much nicer looking then my 1/8 inch slices! I have enought ingredients and time to make another batch and they sure taste good so I’ll have no problem leaving these ugly ones behind! Thanks!

    • Hmmm, I’m not sure, since my 8X8 always works… Do you have a smaller pan, like a bread loaf pan? That would make them thicker. Otherwise, maybe just double the recipe, or add more chocolate chips this time?

  101. it’s approaching my bedtime, but i just got a sugar rush from looking at this blog. im hungry now. for sugar. fudgy, cake battery, sprinkly tastiness. thanks for sharing!

  102. Almost 10:00 Sunday night – - too late for an adventure this weekend, but g-babies will be here next! Can’t wait to try your recipe – we love anything “fun-fetti” too! Thank you for sharing.

  103. I love this idea, and am definately going to make some (I’m not a big ‘cake batter’ flavor fan, but the hubs and daughter are!) but I have a question – your finished product shows the little round sprinkles while your “making it” pics show the longer, softer sprinkles… which works best, do you use both, (one in and one on) or…?? Thanks!

  104. Cake batter fudge?!! I’ve never made fudge before, but it looks like I have a project this week! Thanks for sharing.

  105. This looks amazing! I’m going tonmake it for my son and bring it to his dorm next weekend. Thank you!

  106. If this cake was a man, I’d marry it! :D Thi swas teh best thing that could happen to me on Monday morning! :) Totally made my day! :)

  107. I LOVE this! I’m gluten-intolerant, so I don’t make ANYTHING (especially cake) from a box anymore. This recipe will give me my funfetti fix w/o having to whip out 6 kinds of flour and a mixer – thanks!

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  109. Awesome. I want to make this! Question: husband and I hate microwaves, so, we don’t have one. Is there any other way to blend and melt the condensed milk/ white chocolate chips? Double boiling? I’ve never tried it, but know it is sometimes able to accomplish the same thing as a microwave.

    Aun Aqui

  110. This looks like so much fun!! I may have to put a Halloween version together. Thanks for sharing!

  111. I NEED to try this!!!!! So simple… I may do this with Christmas colours this year… What a good idea! :)

  112. Aubrey Mathwig

    I just have to tell you- I made this yesterday, but I first baked a pretty standard pie/bar crust and once it cooled I put your amazing mix on top and it was FANTASTIC.

  113. this looks divine! i love that there are TWO kinds of sprinkles..

  114. Gloria MackAnderson

    Question: do you think it would taste the same without the almond extract? Nut allergy here :(

    • Not sure, since in my opinion , the almond extract adds a lot of the funfetti kind of taste. You can try butter extract though- it’s found at craft/baking stores.

    • Em

      I made it without the almond extract (didn’t even sub it for anything else, just left it out) and the fudge was still delicious, although I’m sure it didn’t taste the same as the original! I’m Australian, though, so I have no idea what Funfetti cake tastes like and so wasn’t missing out on anything :) Give it a try, though, it’s still tasty!

  115. I showed all my Australian friends about Funfetti – and now we have a new recipe! YAY!

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  117. Well I think you may have solved the dessert dilemma for my family Christmas party. This looks so good I’d like to make a batch right now…except that would mean another trip to the grocery store…and I don’t go twice in one day. Thanks for posting!

  118. i just tried this recipie, and let me say, im not a white chocolate person and i usually don’t eat a lot of my desserts, but i can’t wait until they finish cooling so i can have a piece. i did have some difficulty with some chips not melting, any pointers?

    • Usually it takes a little while and some patience to get all the chips melted; just keep stirring! You really really want to avoid overheating the chocolate or else it will seize, but if the chips still really aren’t melting, put the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds at a time.

  119. DELICIOUS. made it a few minutes ago. dying for it to set!

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  121. i have not stopped drooling since seeing this! I’ve linked to you here: http://dollarstoremom.com/2011/10/pinterest-picks-the-im-hungry-edition/

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  124. My eldest daughter is a Funfetti fanatic as well. Can’t wait to make this for her! We’ve done the Rice Krispie treats a la cake batter so she will be soooo tickled to see this. You rock!

  125. OhMaGosh! I just found your blog, and I think you may be my long-lost love. Lol.

  126. Rebecca

    I must try this! I am all about the rainbow sprinkles!

  127. Hannah

    This is the easiest and quickest fudge I’ve ever made! Ammmmmmazing!!!

  128. this looks awesome! I recently made something similar with Oreo Cookie bits…I just re-pinned these on Pinterest, too. Great work! :)

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  130. Hats off to you for solving my problem. My teenager has a B-day coming up and his favorite cake is confetti cake and you cannot find this in Hong Kong anywhere. He also loves fudge and I can get everything else on your list. So now I am good to go. Take Care

  131. SammyG

    This is definitely a unique fudge recipe :)
    My advice- go easy on the almond. Maybe add a little at a time and taste it?
    When I made it, I found the almond flavor a little overwhelming- maybe the extract I bought is extra potent or something? Anyway at the party people seemed to like it! I thought if I make it again, maybe I’d leave out the almond, but upon trying it again the morning after the party, the almond taste didn’t seem as strong and I think it definitely needs some in there. So just do a little at a time :)

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  133. My fudge isn’t nearly as white as yours. The Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk was a very dark tan/beige and I guess that’s why. What kind of milk do you use? Mine tasted amazing, but it would have been prettier (like yours) had it not been a light caramel color.

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  137. Wait… I thought u are vegan? The red sprinkles are not suitable for vegetarians (unfortunately… ) .
    And btw, luv ur blog :D

    • You’re right they’re not vegan! And as for me, I eat a vegan diet 95% of the time, never meat or eggs. However, i have no ethical problem with dairy; I just try to avoid it in general because I have an intolerance to it. If I eat it in small amounts I seem to be fine. Thanks for asking though!

  138. This looks amazing! Definitely trying this soon…can’t wait! Love that it doesn’t require an oven either.

  139. shel0bell

    This looks&sounds scrumptious!! I plan on making it this weekend and I can’t wait! Oh&what kind of white chocolate chips did you use!? Thanks for creating such a great, fun and easy recipe!!!

  140. Beth

    How long does it take to set? Looks super yummy!

  141. Is there a substitute for the Almond Extract? (I’m allergic to it)f


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  144. mary

    i made this recipe last night and i am not sure if there was too much vanilla or too much almond for my taste. do you have any suggestions??

    • Hi Mary,
      It really depends on your taste! I personally like the almondy flavor, but it is the stronger extract of the two, so that’s probably what was throwing it off for you. Just adding a drop or two should be enough. And the vanilla is far more subtle, so feel free to scale it up if you wish!

  145. Vesta

    Thanks for Sharing! I also have a weakness for funfetti and can’t wait to make these for my daughter’s bday…she doesn’t like cake. I cook from scratch just like my mom but I cheat on cakes. :) Definitely following your blog. Love the name!

  146. Holy Moly! I just stumbled across your blog through pinterest and I will most definitely be back! Funfetti is my FAVORITE :)
    Happy Sunday!!!!

  147. Tawnya

    Does it taste at all like white chocolate? I don’t like white chocolate but this looks so fun!

  148. Sharon Welker

    I tried making this and it was delicious. My one dissappointment was that it didn’t set up, it was very “melty”. Any suggestions?

    • I’ve never had issues with this but it seems like a lot of people are… it’s probably because my measurements aren’t exact and I tend to eyeball things (bad, I know!) I’m going to make these now according to my specific measurements listed and then adjust the proportions as needed.

  149. Sara

    I made this fudge two days ago and it was very very good BUT it would not set for nothing! The top got hard but the bottoms were just basically staying gooey. And when I tried currying the pieces out the aluminm foil it was just sticking to the foil! :( (
    I followed the directions just as you wrote so I don’t understand what happened . Any suggestions? ?

  150. I don’t mind using box mixes and found a recipe that puts in 3.5 tbsps of the funfetti mix instead of the vanilla and almond extract. Do you think it would have the same effect?

    • I honestly can’t say. It seems like it would, but I think you would just have to try and see. I created the recipe trying to avoid box mixes entirely, so that’s how the proportions played out for me. But give it a try and let me know!

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  152. Jessica

    I made this last night and it was so easy and delicious! It literally took me 5 mins to prepare. I have been looking for a peanut butter fudge that is just as easy & can be made in the microwave so my daughter can help.. think I could substitute the white choc chips for the peanut butter chips??

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  154. Sharon Welker

    The edited recipe is perfect!!!!! My fudge did set up and it is really, really good. Thanks so much for your recipe and your help. My family loves you!!!! Hope your holidays are wonderful.

  155. Sara

    I had to tell you I just made my 2nd attempt …and so far so good! I t already looks alot more thicker and om hoping it will set! I will let you know when its done!

  156. Amanda

    Okay, so I made one batch today and it didn’t set (only the top). I just made another batch (about 2 hours ago) and put it in the fridge this time. It is still all wiggly and runny. I have no clue what I am doing wrong! The first batch, I used 14 ounces of condensed milk (like the recipe), and it was runny. The second batch, I used just 12 oz and I’m still having the same problem. UGH! I SOOO want to try this! Any hints??

  157. Came across your recipe on Pinterest and made it today. I have never made fudge before and this was as simple as pie. I followed all instructions and it came out beautifully. I’m not a fudge gal, but it makes a great treat to bring to the office or as a hostess gift.

  158. is it 3 1/2 cups of white chocolate or 3 to 5 cups?

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  160. Jenn K.

    Oh! I read it as three to five cups…but I think I put in about 4…I did two bags (it seems like 2 cups per bag?). I made it twice the old way and that came out great. I’m hoping it comes out as good this time. It def made more…

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  163. COgirl3

    Just made this recipe today because I found it on pinterest and am absolutely obsessed with it! This one is a keeper for sure! Thank you so much!
    I’m not normally a fan of white chocolate but damn…can’t get enough of this :)

  164. Heather

    I made these with red and green sprinkles for my son’s class. I will surely be a kindergarten rock star.

  165. Amanda T

    I found this on pinterest and was so excited. I hosted a cookie exchange today and figured although this wasn’t cookies, it HAD to be shared. About 45 minutes before my party I went to cut this and put it out. It was a huge sticky mess of mush. Tasted good, but completely unpresentable. I followed your “new” recipe that was supposed to set, but alas, this did NOT set. I whipped up a super quick version of homemade oreos but I still have a plate of this yummy tasting, horrible looking fudge. Such a bummer. I was rooting for it too :(

    • That’s a shame. I’ve never had a problem with it setting! Honestly, it could just be a difference in brands for the condensed milk or white chocolate… sometimes slightly different ingredients just set the balance off. I’m sorry though!

  166. Hi There!
    So I love your recipe! I tried it and it works great! I write for an online newspaper for Provo, Utah and submitted your recipe. (crediting you of course) but they liked it so much they want to print it in the paper making linking to your site impossible from witten paper. So I am e-mailing to get permission to use your recipe in the paper with credit going to you. Please let me know ASAP if you would allow this! Thanks
    Kristen Hills

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  170. Claire G

    Just finished mixing it all up for a work meeting tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  174. This is so yummy! Thank you for a wonderful recipe!!

  175. Liz

    Do you taste the almond extract?? If so, can it be omitted. Cant wait to try it!!!!

  176. I can’t wait to try this next weekend after the week of night shift doom.

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  178. Maggie

    Is it “legit” white chocolate? or the almond bark chips? Because most of the white chocolate chips I find dont seem to be real white chocolate… except for Godiva brand… so I just want to make sure I use the right thing.

  179. Stephanie

    hello, i really want to try this but im nervous. all the fudges i make have evaporated milk and marshmallows in them..for a smooth creamy fudge. and i noticed there is no actual cake mix in the recipe..does this still come out like that or is it the kind of fudge that is crumbly?

    • No, it’s very smooth and creamy! The purpose of the cake mix would have only been to add its flavoring. But that was the purpose of the recipe… to make a version replicating that flavor without the artificiality of the cake mix!

  180. Averi

    Hello, this looks GREAT! I have all the ingredents out and ready to start baking.. but we dont have any colored sprinkles, just white sugar spinkles… Do I need to use sprinkles, or can I use the white kind?

    Thank you!!

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  182. I am so with you on the Funfetti cake batter lol I would rather have that for my birthday than any other cake! I love homemade cakes from scratch but boxed funfetti is the bomb! Great recipe, loved it

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  188. Ann

    Im making this for my birthday but I wanted to see how it would turn out with the mini chocolate chips instead of the sprinkles folded in. I tried it and they melted so fast that it made swirls in the batter and it looks awesome! I cant wait for it to set so I can try it!

  189. Cory Baughn

    Hello there! Can I use the equivalent amount of white almond bark and receive the same results as using white chocolate chips you think? If so I am going to go whip this up RIGHT NOW. I use the almond bark to make white covered pretzels, and it tastes like white chocolate, so I was hoping I could use it and save myself having to head to the store! Thanks again, great recipe.

  190. Kellee

    I’ve made a similar recipe (used white almond bark) but the recipe called for chopped-up gumdrops instead. Still very pretty and tastes nice too. I will have to try the sprinkles, though…

  191. Alyssa

    This didn’t set for me and I’m not sure why. I used fat free sweetened condensed milk a bag of white chocolate chips and the same amount of vanilla and almond plus sprinkles. I left it in the fridge over night. It lost its shape completely when I tried to peel off the tin foil. Ideas? Anyone else this happen too? I love the idea and I don’t want to give up yet!

    • pursuitofhippieness

      My guess is that it’s because you used fat free condensed milk. A lot of times the fat is what binds it together.

    • MKS

      Regular bags of chips are only 2 cups so the recipe should need almost 2 bags.

    • Melissa

      The same thing happened to me but I didn’t use fat free milk. I used Nestle white chocolate chips and followed the recipe to the “T”. Please let me know what you find out or come up with! This stuff is too dang good to NOT make again!!! :)

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  193. tiana

    Love this idea.gluten free here so can’t have funfetti but dure remember the taste.can’t wait to try.

  194. tonja

    Just tried it. Its setting as I write this. I’m hoping it does work with white almond bark because all I could find was ghiradelli white chips and they were quite costly. Cant wait to taste it.

  195. MKS

    If I used a somewhat equal amount of almond bark, would that work instead of the white chocolate chips? I might have to do some calculation because of the volume difference?

    • pursuitofhippieness

      i think it will probably be the same, but let me know how it turns out!

      • MKS

        It turned out pretty well. The bottom was a little sticky/didn’t set as well as the top. I wasn’t sure of the exact amount I used of the almond bark because it it what I had leftover from Christmas time. Very yummy. Sadly, it is very near me and I keep sneaking too many bites!

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  197. Melissa

    This tasted SOOOOO good! I was a little disappointed that it is too soft to hold a good shape once cut. Maybe it’s our humidity or altitute here in Mississippi? What can I do to firm it up a little?

    • pursuitofhippieness

      Hmmm, I’m not sure what’s causing it! I think the best thing to do is maybe decrease the ratio of condensed milk to white chocolate chips. Let me know if that works a little better!

  198. Melinda T

    Oh goodness! I really didn’t need to see this! Now I’ll be dreaming about this all night til I can get to the grocery store! Thanks for sharing…I think! :)

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  202. shel0bell

    I love this stuff! First time I made it, I used the original recipe you posted and it camenout great so I’m not sure why a lot of people had problems! Any way I can get you to email the original recipe to me!? If you still have it!? Pretty please ;)

  203. Fay

    have you tried it with milk chocolate instead of white?

  204. Lily

    Hey! So I followed directions but mine didn’t set correctly? I left mine in the fridge for a little over an hour but when I tried cutting them into squares, they were too soft and stuck/melted onto the foil. So I put them into the freezer… How long should I keep them in the fridge?

    • pursuitofhippieness

      You should keep it in the fridge until it sets. The setting issue might be due to a different brand of white chocolate or condensed milk- sometimes the chemistry is a little off. Give it another try and let me know how it works out!

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  207. Amy

    My sister in law did funfetti! It was great and it is her favorite cake, why not? It’s your wedding cake, if other people do not like it, oh well. That is what I have told all my friends when they stressed out, your wedding, your choice. I stuck to that when planning my own wedding and everyone loved everything we did, because we made it us. My husband mostly nodded his head and agreed, but there were some things he did take charge of, like he and his Dad built our barn card box out of old barn siding, I just painted the top and and the side with our name and a Block “O”, we also had a block “O” grooms cake.

  208. Melissa

    Hi..was wondering if I had to use almond extract for this? My daughter has a nut allergy are there any other suggestions?

    • pursuitofhippieness

      Hi Melissa! The almond extract does add to the cakey flavor, but you can definitely sub some vanilla extract instead- it’ll still be really yummy!

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  210. Christine

    I want to make a gluten free treat for a friend. Would this be suitable? It looks so good!

    • pursuitofhippieness

      The only thing I would be wary about are the sprinkles- not all sprinkles are gluten free. But there are definitely gluten free brands available, so I would just do a little research to see which ones are! I know for SURE there are some at Whole Foods if you have one nearby!

  211. This was the most perfect treat ever for my daughter’s 3rd birthday–a Sprinkles party (her idea!). Delicious, easy to make, and sturdy enough to endure our hot weather here in Phoenix. I just put some photos up on the blog with a link to your recipe here: http://tikkido.com/node/657 . Thanks so much for the recipe and fabulous post!

  212. Jami Glass

    How far ahead of time do you think I could make this? It looks yummy, and I’m considering making it for my little one’s 1st birthday to give away as the favors. Do you think I could do it a couple days ahead of time?

    • pursuitofhippieness

      Absolutely! These keep well in an airtight container for a couple of weeks, especially in a cool place. I recommend the fridge for maximum freshness!

  213. foodlover

    i made this and it was SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! thanks for the recipe!!!

  214. Amy

    I tried making this and such a bummer it didn’t set! I read so far a lot of people seemed to have trouble with it setting. I noticed (by reading comments) that you used nestle white chocolate (which I used a different brand) what brand of condensed milk did you use?

    • pursuitofhippieness

      Hi Amy,

      I’m so sorry the recipe wasn’t setting for you! I actually edited the recipe to address the initial setting problems a few months ago and haven’t heard nearly as many complaints since then, so I’m not sure what went wrong! I used Eagle Brand condensed milk. Maybe try it again and let me know how it goes? I guess my only other suggestion is to reduce the proportion of condensed milk to white chocolate a little more.

  215. For people who are having trouble getting the fudge to set try setting it in the refrigerator or freezer instead of at room temperature. Very hot and humid weather can prevent fudge from setting at room temperature, esp. if you don’t have central air in your house (like me….:-P)

  216. GREAT recipe !! Easy to make and not a lot of ingredients. I made some for work and everyone loved them. Great no bake for a last minute invite to a party and not a lot of time to spend in kitchen baking or cooking. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

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  218. Emily

    I made this today after seeing it on pinterest. It was so simple, I’m not a cook by any means so if mine turned out ok then anyone can do it! It’s delicious and so fun for kids!

  219. Melissa

    Great recipe! Nice and Sweet! Mine didn’t have a problem setting, but I did notice that it’s very hard to get it un-stuck from the tin foil!

  220. This was SOOO easy to make! We are having a Christmas in August weekend and everyone knows that you have to have fudge for Christmas. =) The kids (6 and 8) loved helping and the directions were so easy to follow. It’s setting in the fridge right now, but when we licked the bowl, OH MY! it tastes REALLY good! Thank you for such a great recipe.

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  222. Tamika

    Just make this…it looks and smells delicious! The spoon tasted great after it was done! My husband keeps trying to get into it! Excited to dig in at a party tonight!

  223. Nancy

    This looks so yummy!!! Want to make if for a xmas exchange…how long do you think it will keep?

  224. PaulaMarie

    Did you try and make the peppermint fudge? I typed it in your recipes and it didnt pull anything up! Just wondering! :) Going to try this recipe this evening!!!

  225. Teresa

    Do I have to put almond extract in can I use like grand manier or something else? Kalhula maybe?
    Thank you

    • pursuitofhippieness

      Of course, whatever you choose to add will change the flavor (the almond extract adds to the cakey taste in my opinion), but feel free to add whatever you want! I can actually say from experience that Grand Marnier makes a great addition :)

  226. Pingback: Christmas Cooking: Fantastic Fudge « Q the Adult

  227. Donnie

    How long can you store it in fridge or at room temp?

    • pursuitofhippieness

      In the fridge it will keep for 2-4 weeks, and the freezer for several months.The freezer will also ensure firmer fudge in general. Room temperature might make it a little soft after a while, so aside from display I would keep it in the fridge or freezer.

  228. Mellowmermaid

    I am so excited to try this! Thank you! One question, what kind of camera did you use to take the pictures of the finished fudge? They are so amazingly crisp!

  229. Danielle

    I just made this for my daughter’s candy land birthday party. You did a fantastic job – this is great!

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  232. I wanted to thank you for this phenomenal yet easy fudge recipe. I wanted to make something with sprinkles and found your blog. I’ve got to say that all of my friends gobbled this fudge up in no time! I’ve linked back to you here: http://evabakes.blogspot.com/2013/03/funfetti-cake-batter-fudge.html

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  235. Danielle Wuest

    does that say 3 point 5 cups or 3 to 5 cups of white chocolate chips?

  236. This looks delicious! Not too complicated, either, which is always a plus.

    Just to let you know, the full recipe is posted on another blog (http://www.sweet2eatbaking.com/funfetti-cake-batter-fudge/). There is a reference that says it’s yours, which is how I came over, but I’d want to know if my full recipes were being used on a different blog.

    • pursuitofhippieness

      Thanks for letting me know!

      And yes, I’m aware; the recipe is actually on several blogs. It’s a popular one, thanks to Pinterest. It would be nice if people would ask permission first, but in this day and age, I really don’t expect them to. As long as there are links back to my blog, I generally don’t mind, though unfortunately I have come across a few instances where this was not the case. I also have a problem if people are using my photos without my permission, which has happened a couple of times as well.

      Unfortunately, the intellectual property debate is kind of unresolvable without some major censorship, in my opinion. I think think that if bloggers want to put their content out there, they need to accept and expect the notion that this content will be shared. There is a right way to do it, of course, but that’s just an ideal, and we can’t expect it from everyone.

      My recipes are for sharing. My photography however, is a different story, and I’m looking into ways to better protect my work. I’m happy for people to look and even spread the word, but it makes me nervous that it’s so easy to take credit for something that I worked very hard- I’m talking countless hours- to perfect and edit.

      Sorry for the rambling reply; it’s a very interesting debate and a relevant one at that!

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  239. Hello all, whoever came out with this recipe, should open up their own goodie shop, imagination is everything. Thank you so much for this unique recipe. Enjoy,enjoy, enjoy!

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