City Scenes

I am obsessed with my job.

Furthermore, I am obsessed with New York City.

You know you really belong somewhere when it actually pains you to leave it at the end of the day. I look at this wistfully out the window of the bus…

… and wish I could stay longer.

So I’ve gotten in the habit of waking up early and taking a bus an hour earlier than I need for work. It’s the perfect opportunity to walk around (and I power walk… good exercise!) for almost an hour and explore and just enjoy the crazy unique environment that is Manhattan. And nature devotees may call me crazy (I’m obsessed with nature too, I promise!) but it’s actually really beautiful in its way.

Bryant Park

Love love love. I’ve been in and out of the city for my entire life but it’s nice to actually walk without a purpose except to take it all in. Until I have to rush off to work, of course!

Lunch in the city is expensive, so I am happy to usually bring my own. Here’s a little sampling:

Beet Salad with string beans and salsa

My apple-soy baked tofu over greens, mushrooms, and tomatoes with soy sauceMy tofu apple bake over romaine, mushrooms, and tomatoes with soy sauce.

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  1. NIce photos….and you are making me hungry!!

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