PB&J Breakfast Smoothie

On a quick note, we survived Irene. In fact, we didn’t even lose power. We did lose a couple of trees, including one planted in memorial to my grandfather, but other than that, we’re pretty unscathed. We’re pretty lucky that we live in a mountainous area that often manages to sidestep the worst effects of these kinds of storms. That said, thoughts and prayers with everyone who did get hit hard, particularly those living on the Jersey Shore.


Don’t ask me why, but for some reason I am ridiculously nostalgic for Back to School this year. And I’m not talking college. I’m talking4th grade, lime green monogrammed L.L. Bean backpack, “check out my hot outfit from Limited Too and brand spanking new Skechers” Back to School.

So in the spirit of all the memories of lunch boxes and unrequited love notes, I created this breakfast bowl. Healthy and super yummy, it can be both Mom and Kid-Approved.

PB & J Oatmeal Pudding

4 tbsp rolled oats cooked in 1/2 cup water

1/4 cup puff grain cereal

1/4 cup plain greek yogurt

1/4 cup almond milk

1 spoonful peanut butter

1 tbsp vanilla

dash of salt

1/4 cup sliced strawberries sprinkled with stevia or other sweetener

Stevia or other sweetener to taste

Cook the oats in water. Put the cereal, yogurt, almond milk, peanut butter, vanilla, salt, and stevia in the blender. Blend until smooth. Add the oats, and blend again. In a separate small bowl or measuring cup, heat the strawberry slices sprinkled with stevia in the microwave for about a minute, until gooey. To serve, layer the peanut butter oats mixture with the strawberries.


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6 Responses to PB&J Breakfast Smoothie

  1. This looks SO good! I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas aside from green smoothies and oatmeal. I haven’t had greek yogurt in forever and today I caved….let’s just say I ate waaaay more than a serving :) YUM.

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