Kiwano Salsa and Kiwano Frozen Mousse

What the heck?!

I was in my local grocery store in the produce section and this literally made me stop in my tracks. It looks like it’s from another planet, or somewhere in the deep sea.

It’s actually a melon. It’s called a Kiwano melon, but is also known as a blowfish fruit or horned melon. This one was imported from New Zealand. Now if you questioned how alienesque it looked on the outside, just you wait:

Even Lola thinks it looks totally ridiculous!

But, naturally, I had to taste it!

The verdict?

It was okay. Just okay. Kind of bland… like an unripe banana. And it’s not like it makes up what it lacks in taste for texture… this baby is slimy.

But after some research, I saw how nutritious it was, and decided to take the recipe plunge.

See? Lots and lots of vitamins, calcium, and iron. And low in carbs and calories, too!

I decided that it could potentially taste great when complimented with both sweet and savory flavors, so I made two recipes: one sweet and one savory!

Recipe 1: Kiwano-Mango Mousse

1/2 Kiwano Melon

1/6 Mango

2 oz. (1/4 cup) non-fat plain greek yogurt

1/8 cup non-dairy milk (I use almond)

1 tsp vanilla extract

sweetener to taste (I use stevia)

Scoop the fruit and seeds out of the melon and into a blender; save the shell for garnish. Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth. Transfer into a plastic container using a fine mesh sieve in order to eliminate seeds. Put in freezer. Every 10 minutes or so, scrape the sides of the container and give the mixture a good stir with a fork to make sure it freezes evenly. After doing this 3 or 4 times, let freeze, untouched, for about an hour.

Remove from the freezer, and put back into the blender. Blend until it is a smooth frozen puree, like soft serve. Scoop into the empty shell, and enjoy!

*Mine was melting super fast in the shell, so I transferred it back to the freezer (in the shell) for a quick freeze before eating.

The verdict? Surprisingly delicious!

The sweetness of the mango, the light refreshing notes of the melon, and the tanginess of the yogurt came together perfectly. Seriously, it’s like the perfect summer dessert! And that “bowl” will certainly be a conversation piece. :)

And now for Recipe 2: Kiwano Salsa

1/2 Kiwano melon

1/2 orange bell pepper

1/2 tomato

1/6 mango


chili powder

cayenne pepper

garlic powder



any other desired mexican seasoning


Scoop the fruit out of the melon and put in a food processor; save the shell for garnish. Add the pepper, tomato, and mango to the processor, and squeeze in a squirt of lemon. Add seasonings to taste, and give the mixture a quick grind on the lowest setting until just combined. Transfer into empty shell and serve with tortilla chips or fresh veggies.

This one was also good- but I’m deeming the other recipe more of a success just because the flavors of the melon worked well, whereas in this one the melon was pretty much overshadowed by all the other flavors.


So there you have it!

Lesson of the day? Try something new. There are so many incredible and interesting flavors that the world has to offer, particularly in the fruit and vegetable worlds. I was inspired by this experimentation… I’m going to make it a weekly event to buy a fruit or vegetable that I’ve never seen or tried before!


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3 Responses to Kiwano Salsa and Kiwano Frozen Mousse

  1. Laura

    three cheers to your bravery! lol i won’t be adding this to my shopping list anytime soon though. ;)

  2. barbara

    Thank you. I will try these recipes. This vine grew in my garden and not knowing any better I picked it green and sliced the flesh and used it as ordinary cucumber, removing the pith and letting the seeds slide down the same as passionfruit. I liked the flavour. Each fruit of mine is approx 20 cm. long. I have trouble with hares, wallabies and possums that devour much of my garden including roses, so I don’t mind the spikes.

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